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BeijingIs the capital of China, but also with the most world heritage city, is also one of the famous historical and cultural city and China eight ancient capitals. Located in the north of North China Plain, Southeast of the local area and connected the city of Tianjin, the rest is surrounded by Hebei province. Compared to urban population, Beijing is the second largest city in Shanghai Chinese, is also the hub of the China air traffic. Beijing has successfully hosted the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008.
Beijing has rich tourism resources, opening up more than 200 tourist attractions, the world's largest palace in the Forbidden City, the temple of Tiantan, Beihai royal garden, royal garden, the Summer Palace and the Badaling Great Wall, the Mutianyu Great Wall and Old Summer Palace, as well as the world's largest courtyard Gongwangfu and other places of historic interest and scenic beauty. Beijing has many local characteristics of folk customs: Beijing snacks, Peking Opera, Jingyuntaigu, comic, drama, ballad, iron, lacquer, cloisonne, blown sugar dough etc..
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